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Fellows Research Presentations

April 2023: UIC Research Forum Heading link

Adriana Garcia: Associations among fecal secondary bile acids and depressive symptoms among middle to older age adults in Chicago

Carlos Luna: Understanding the Accuracy of Sex Related Information on TikTok

Rosa Mendoza: Sex differences in communication calls in interacting big brown bats

Carlos Merlos: Refining direct protein interaction models using experimental proteomics based benchmarks

Teresa Moreno: Nanoceria formulation limits in vitro candida albicans biofilm adherence

Lisbeth Padilla: Lower Estrogens and APOE4 genotype are Associated with Brain Volume in Postmenopausal Women

Nallely Ramirez: Emotion Regulation and Reactivity in Children of Mothers with Depression

Citlaly Villalobos: The role of brown adipose tissue leptin in energy homeostasis

April 2022: UIC Research Forum Heading link

Ruth Covarrubias : Evaluating Food Insecurity and Dietary Nutritional Quality of Emergency Department Patients in a Large Urban Public Hospital.


Loren Escot : Perinatal General Anxiety Disorder Rates of Urban Low-income Community using CAT-ANX.


Edwin Hernandez : CFOS expression in VTA.


Alyssa Redini Ramos: Metacarpal 1 Proximal Articular Surface Morphological Variation Across Hominids.


Evelyn Rios : Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of a HIV/STI risk reduction intervention for juvenile offenders: PHAT (Preventing HIV/Aids among teens) Life.


Citlali Rodriguez : Sufriendo en Silencio: An Exploration of Maternal Health Among Latinas.


Kimberly Sanchez Quintero : Modifications to the Beverage Hydration Index Measurement.


Everardo Tafolla III : The role of memory in making decisions to approach or avoid social targets.

October 2020: SACNAS Virtual Conference Heading link

Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of C.Elegans suppressor Strains Discipline: Life Sciences Subdiscipline: Genetics Sandra Delgado and Peter Okkema, University of Illinois at Chicago

Competence of S. Pneumoniae Encapsulated within Aqueous Micro-Droplets. Discipline: Life Sciences Subdiscipline: Microbiology Catarina Bromatti*; Trinh Lam and Donald A. Morrison, University of Illinois at Chicago

The Effects of Cytidine Deamination on Retroviral Evolution Discipline: Life Sciences Subdiscipline: Microbiology Mary-Benedicta C. Obikili ; Karen Salas Briceno; Alexya N. Aguilera and Susan Ross, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Reward Conditioning: Acquisition and Extinction of Virtual Reality Conditioned Area Place Preference Discipline: Life Sciences Subdiscipline: Neurosciences Arleen Perez and Emma Childs, University of Illinois, Chicago

Role of Gender in Perspectives of Discrimination, Stigma, and Attitudes Relative to Cervical Cancer in Rural Sénégal Discipline: Health Subdiscipline: Public Health Natalia Ongtengco*1; Andrew Dykens1 ; Hamidou Thiam2 ; Zola Collins3 ; Elly Lou De Jesus3 ; Caryn Peterson1 ; Tianxiu Wang3 ; Ellen Hendrix3 ; Youssoupha Ndiaye4 ; Babacar Gueye5 ; Omar Gassama6 ; Abdoul Kasse7 ; Adama Faye8 ; Jennifer Smith9 and Marian Fitzgibbon3 , (1)University of Illinois at Chicago, (2)Region medical de kedougou Bureau régional de la formation, de la supervision et de la recherche, (3)Institute for Health Research and Policy, University of Illinois at Chicago, (4)Division of Planning, Research and Statistics, Sénégal Ministry of Health and Social Action, (5)Sénégal Ministry of Health and Social Action, Center for Disease Control, Division of Noncommunicable Diseases, (6)ervice of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Cheikh Anta Diop, (7)Cancer Institute, University of Cheikh Anta Diop, (8)Institute of Health and Development, University of Cheikh Anta Diop, (9)School of Public Health, University of North Carolina


*Award Winner

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