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The word “ganas” in Spanish means “motivation sufficient to act.” Here at L@S GANAS, we strive to support Latinx students in STEM with a great amount of “ganas”, desire, will and effort no matter where the student comes from or where they are going. Because we want the experience of students at UIC to be empowering and rewarding from day one, we offer specific services at different moments of students’ college career. Check out how you can be part of L@S GANAS:

COVID-19 & Corona Virus Schedule

L@s GANAS is operating in a hybrid model for the Fall 2021 semester. We are currently scheduling meetings both virtually and in person. Please see the instructions below on how to contact your coach or program coordinator.


Transition Coaches

Sophia Silva
Paola Chavez

Mentoring con GANAS

  • Mentors and Mentees can schedule an video call or in person meeting with Liz Ramirez by e-mailing her at eramire@uic.edu.


  • Fellows can schedule a video call with Veronica by emailing her at via@uic.edu.

Keep up to date on what UIC is doing to address COVID-19 and Coronavirus.

Connecting STEM & Cultural Heritage Dialogue Guide Now Available

Use this guide to create your own dialogue program and train staff to facilitate and so much more.