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Pre-Med Resources

Pre-Med Resources Heading link

Access the below links for a variety of Pre-Med Resources as well as online communities that are structured around helping premedical students become successful and achieve their dreams.
Name Description Link
r/premed FAQs The FAQ of the premed subreddit is a great place to start learning about what it takes to be a Pre-Med student. Learn what classes you must take or gain insight into different types of clinical experiences (patient interaction vs. physician interaction), and much more
r/premed* The premed subreddit is a great resource if you want a prompt response to general questions or want feedback on your school list and personal statement. **
Statistics of Applicants and Matriculants Gain access to an abundance of statistics about medical school applicants and matriculants (State specific GPA/MCAT scores, etc).
Admission Committee Decision Rubric Gain a general idea of what admission committees are looking for when they review medical school applications (Provided by AAMC).
Lizzy M Score*** Algorithm that matches student MCAT/GPA with schools that fall within a selected range of percentiles .
WARS The Lizzy M takes into account only GPA and MCAT scores. It does not take into account URM status and activities such as volunteering and research. The WedgeDog Application Rating System takes these into account and generates a score. Like the Lizzy M score, this score can be used to create a school list. Online Calculator: Guidelines:
Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR) The MSAR provides school specific statistics and information (Allopathic Schools Only). There is a Fee associated with this resource.
r/MCAT This subreddit is the equivalent of r/premed, except it's for the MCAT. It's a great resource if you have questions about a certain topic, or need help reviewing specific questions from AAMC material or from a third party (TPR, TBR, Kaplan).
r/MCAT FAQs The FAQ provides answers to general questions about the MCAT.
Medicina Scholars at UIC The Medicina Scholars program is designed to introduce undergraduate Latino scholars to the medical profession. The three-year curriculum gives Latino undergraduate a strong basis to succeed and become competitive applicants for admissions to medical school.
Fee Assistance Program (FAP) The AAMC Fee Assistance Program assists those who, without financial assistance, would be unable to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), apply to medical schools that use the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS), and more.
ANKI ANKI is a flashcard system that uses spaced repetition for long term memorization. Unlike other flashcard programs, ANKI prevents redundancy and allows you to memorize cards that you need the most work on. ANKI is very popular among medical school students due to its efficiency and effectiveness.

* Note, this subreddit usually offers prompt and concise responses. If you want a more in depth and personalized answer, then schedule an appointment with a Pre-Med adviser.

**  The premed and mcat subreddits are online communities that allow peers to share valuable information and experiences. There are many students in different stages of their careers (Undergraduates, Medical Students, Residents, etc) that benefited from this community and like to give back. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is still an online community, and it is subject to pitfalls like any other online community. Thus, be sure you’re being critical of the information that is provided.

*** This should be used in conjunction with the MSAR from the AAMC.